Customer reviews
Customer reviews
We live in a small apartment, but love plants - we were so excited to find this Wall Decor Air Plant Holder. The perfect way to green up a small space!
— Joe & Maggie
Customer reviews
"I bought this Welcome To Colorful Colorado Mini Sign for our Christmas Tree and after Christmas we hung it in our entryway. It's a perfect nod to our love of Colorado and a nice welcome for out of town guests too. I'm gifting several this year to friends and family as they always comment on how much they love it too."
— Jesse
4" Welcome To Colorful Colorado Mini Sign
Customer reviews
These little planters are so simple and beautiful. I purchased one for me to put on my desk at work - my coworkers loved them so much I bought one for each of my team mates!
— Jesse T.
Customer reviews
"When I saw these itty bitty plants in teeny tiny holders I seriously swooned over their cute factor. I bought several and now have adorableness throughout my cozy apartment."
— Gigi
Customer reviews
This little cutie drinking jar is just the fanciest and everything tastes better in it, #truestory.
— Liza

Wood Cards

PERFECT for Valentine's Day!

Gift them, keep them, display them! Wood Cards feel amazing in the hand, offer wonderful sentiments and don't end up in the landfill.

Air Plant Shop

Air Plants have the most delightful little personalities. Paired with our uniquely designed holders, they add a little "zhuzh" to even the smallest of spaces. #AirplantsYesYouCan!