Customer reviews
Customer reviews
These little planters are so simple and beautiful. I purchased one for me to put on my desk at work - my coworkers loved them so much I bought one for each of my team mates!
— Jesse T.
Customer reviews
Adding a Wood Card to our Dad's birthday gift this year was awesome. Dad loves cards and woodworking, such a perfect way to say "We Love You."
— Alex & Jess
Customer reviews
"When I saw these itty bitty plants in teeny tiny holders I seriously swooned over their cute factor. I bought several and now have adorableness throughout my cozy apartment."
— Gigi
Tiny air plants in Rose Gold and Brass Pipe Holders.

Air Plant Shop

Air Plants have the most delightful little personalities. Paired with our uniquely designed holders, they add a little "zhuzh" to even the smallest of spaces. #AirplantsYesYouCan!

Wood Cards

Gift them, keep them, display them! Wood Cards feel amazing in the hand, offer wonderful sentiments and don't end up in the landfill.