About Air Plants - Tillandsia

  • Air Plants (Genus: Tillandsia) are part of the Bromeliad family and are native to tropical humid areas.
  • They are epiphytes which means they don't need soil to live, but they do need water, which they absorb through specialized cells called trichomes
  • In humid areas, air plants can typically survive with frequent spritzing, or even solely pulling humidity from the air.
  • In dry areas, like Colorado, air plants need a soak once a week. Soak duration depends on the size of the plant.
  • Over loving/watering your plant = rot
  • Under loving/watering your plant = dried out
  • Set a timer and you'll be happy and your plant will too!

Air Plants like bright indirect light, including faux (overhead lights). No all-dark rooms. Keep out of super hot/super cold windows. Xerographicas like a trip to a sunbeam a couple of times a week for a little visit. 

Watering Instructions
  • Water 1 x a week 
  • Rubras: 2-3 inches of room temp water in a bowl.
  • Xerographicas: 3/4 of the plant size room temp water in a bowl, place plant upside down in water.
  • drop plant in, however it lands in the water is fine
  • set phone timer!!! (You don't want to rot/drown your plant)
  • When timer goes off, shake plant off, and dry upside down for 30 minutes. 
  • Put back in holder :) repeat next week! Enjoy your beautiful, whimsical plant!
Plant Type Watering Time
Joy Bits (mini plant) 10 mins
Small (Rubra) Air Plant 1-2 mins
Medium (Rubra) Air Plant 2-3 mins
Large (Rubra) Air Plant 5-7 mins
Small Xerographica (4" + wide) 5 mins
Medium Xerographica  (7" + wide) 10 mins
Large Xerographica (10" + wide) 20 mins