About Air Plants - Tillandsia

These little plants bring a tremendous amount of JOY. Don't worry, we've killed many plants to get to our method, and we believe that you can be successful too :) #plantkillersupportclub 
  • Air Plants (Genus: Tillandsia) are part of the Bromeliad family and are native to tropical humid areas.
  • They are epiphytes which means they don't need soil to live, but they do need water, which they absorb through specialized cells called trichomes
  • In humid areas, air plants can typically survive with frequent spritzing, or even solely pulling humidity from the air.
  • In dry areas, like Colorado or locations where the heat is on in the house, air plants need a soak once a week.
  • Soak duration depends on the size of the plant.
  • Over loving/watering your plant = rot
  • Under loving/watering your plant = dried out
  • The tips of your plant have the least surface area, and therefore will dry out the fastest.  Drying upside down helps the water get from the base of your plant to the tips for better hydration there. 
  • Set a timer on your phone when you water - your plant will be happy and you will too!
  • Air Plants like bright indirect light, including faux (overhead lights).
  • No all-dark rooms.
  • Keep out of super hot/super cold windows.
  • Xerographica like a trip to a sunbeam a couple of times a week for a little visit - To achieve your sun bath, just water your plant in a sunbeam and dry it upside down there too. 
Watering Instructions
  • Water 1 x a week 
  • Joy Bits & Rubra
    • 3-4 inches of room temp water in a bowl.
    • Drop plant in the bowl however it lands and give it a dunk.
    • Set phone timer (Joy Bits; 10 mins | Small Rubra 15-30 seconds /Medium Rubra 1-2 mins/Large Rubra 2-3 min)
    • Dry upside down for 15-30 minutes.
    • Joy Bits you can just shake out and put back in holder. 
  • Xerographica:
    • Find a sunbeam in your home. (Yay! Sunbeams are the best)
    • Fill a bowl with room temp water, 3/4 of the plant size.
    • Get the top of the plant wet, then set plant in bowl root down.
    • Set phone timer (Small: 3-5 mins, Med: 7-10mins, Large: 10-20 mins)
    • Shake out really well, dry upside down for 30mins to an hour
  • Repeat next week next week! Enjoy your beautiful, whimsical plant!
Plant Type Watering Time
Joy Bits (mini plant) 10 mins
Small (Rubra) Air Plant 15-30 seconds
Medium (Rubra) Air Plant 1-2 mins
Large (Rubra) Air Plant 2-3 mins
Small Xerographica (2-4" + wide) 3-5 mins
Medium Xerographica  (5-7" + wide) 7-10 mins
Large Xerographica (10" + wide) 15-20 mins