Well hello there! 

Welcome! We are thrilled that you found us :)

Jenna and RJ here, co-founders of Laser Lab (www.laserlab.studio) & So Very Lovely (www.soverylovely.shop).  We are best friends, married, and parents to two awesome little dudes who are very much living the shop life in our Colorado studio. 

We laser engraved our wedding invitations years ago and got bit by the laser engraving bug. After our second son was born we took a good hard look at what truly lights us up and we have been aligning ourselves to those insights ever since. 

RJ and I are anomalies in SO many ways. We cannot be rushed, we observe and receive sensory input relentlessly, we love design, we are obsessed with the expansion of the mind and the heart. Our superpower is having the ongoing audacity to follow our curiosities regardless of the outcome, and then iterating on our findings. It's an/we are, an experiment. Experiments take time and we are okay with that. Collectively, we are almost as deep as the Grand Canyon. It's the very dynamic that has pushed us to VERY intentionally create a life that is both authentic and endlessly fulfilling. Too, it's the very reason we have the privilege of connecting with you. PS: You are, LOVELY.

Laser Engraving is our current artistic medium. Through this medium we explore details, design and depth. We play with scale and pattern and materials and quality. We respond to our intuition and we feel our very human feelings, we investigate the in-between and we alchemize. The result is an offering of visual and tactile delights and sentiments that many souls yearn to hear. Let's Look Out for Each Other and It's okay to feel all of those feelings. 

It's a true honor to offer our creations to you. We are COMMUNITY MADE and endlessly appreciate your support and commitment to shopping small. Welcome and thank you for being here. 

XO, Jenna & RJ 

September 16, 2021